Spiegel Bestseller Rank: No. 44 in non-fiction (50KW)

Germany’s leading color expert, Dr. Axel Buether, gets to the bottom of the secret of colors in this popular non-fiction book. They are not only beautiful, but as a product of evolution they fulfill vital functions for nature and humans. We constantly communicate with our environment through the language of color, which secretly has a great influence on our emotional life, our social behavior and our health.

When we open our eyes, we see – colors! The world is colorful, colors give it contour and form, but we only consciously process one percent of it. Dr. Axel Buether reveals them to be the largest communication system on earth and explains how we humans perceive colors. He describes how they control our behavior without us realizing it and what role they play in our well-being and even our health. Above all, he reveals how colors affect our psyche. To this end, Buether looks at the 13 primary colors, traces their symbolism in cultural history and breaks down their effects on our psyche.
An informative and exciting color panorama that gives us an insight into the latest findings of color research and shows us how we can use this knowledge in our everyday lives.

Publication date: October 1, 2020 – Distribution: DROEMER – Verlag,,

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