Renewing instead of disposing – a contribution to an environmentally conscious and sustainable building culture

More than half of all waste in industrialized countries comes from the construction industry. BONA, a global company with more than a hundred years of expertise in floor care, has developed a process that allows resilient floors made of linoleum, PVC, rubber or LVT that show signs of wear or are no longer aesthetically pleasing to be renewed in the shortest possible time and at significantly lower cost while the floor is still in use.

With a color collection specially developed for sustainable floors, consisting of feel-good colors for the health care sector that harmonize with the room colors of specific uses, we at the Institute for Color Psychology ensure that this method is a worldwide success. The BONA Health Care Color Collection in the Resilient System for resilient floors creates a range of products for architects, interior designers, technicians and operators in the health and care sector that has never existed before. Refurbishing instead of throwing away – at lower cost, in less time and with greater effectiveness for the well-being of all users.

This is because the colors in this collection not only look more attractive than new products in the context of the specified room colors, but they are also specially tailored to the needs of patients and employees in nursing and retirement homes, hospitals, children’s clinics and therapy centers.

Biophilia – The colors of nature

Nature has always had a fascinating effect on us humans. But did you know that even a simple look at nature can have a significant positive impact on your health and well-being? This phenomenon is the subject of intensive research in various scientific fields – from psychology and neuroscience to environmental science. Biophilia is a term coined by the American biologist E.O. Wilson and literally means “love of nature” (Wilson, 1984). He describes the innate relationship between humans and nature, which was deeply rooted in our evolutionary history and is crucial for the survival of our species. (Kellert & Wilson, 1993).

Not only the direct view of nature, but also the natural design of interiors, for example with plants, natural materials and colors, creates many positive effects on our well-being and our health. This aspect of spatial design and environmental psychology is therefore of central importance for the entire public health sector. A progressive and humanistic design of care facilities, therapy centers and hospitals that integrates elements of nature contributes to improved patient well-being, faster recovery and lower stress levels for staff (Frumkin, et al.). Colors play a central role in our perception and have a significant influence on our mood and well-being (Buether et al.).

The product is currently under development and testing, the BONA Health Care Color Collection will not be available until 2024. Link to the Bona website