Colors are the most important feature in product marketing because we intuitively trust them. If the colors of the packaging evoke the right associations, this convinces many people more than any printed text. In most cases, we therefore hardly bother to read the packaging text. Or do you always look at the ingredients and expiry date when the packaging colors look fresh, healthy and appetizing?

Packaging colors must arouse our interest in the product and activate the right emotions. Because when we take a package off the shelf, it is practically a preliminary decision for the purchase. As customers, we can only distinguish between advertising and deception if we inform ourselves in detail about the effects of the ingredients and their risks to our health. Dyes are active ingredients!

Colors are not an end in themselves, but a powerful instrument of environmental design! In the first phase of a color concept, I therefore mainly talk about what colors should do for the quality of life of the people concerned. Only when I have identified the needs, weighed them up and put them in relation to each other can I start working on the color composition. Good color concepts can also have a taste-forming effect. But at the end of the day, every color scheme must stand up to the aesthetic and practical judgment of the people for whom it was made.

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