The effects of colors are based on two fundamental mechanisms that are activated in parallel in the visual perception, imagination and representation process and influence each other. In this context, the neuroscientist Antonio Damasio speaks of an implicit disposition space, which comprises the entirety of our brain’s association fields, and an explicit image space, which is formed by the early sensorimotor cortical fields.

While perceptual and imaginary images shape our awareness of our own existence in the environment and stimulate the visual representation of our thoughts, feelings and fantasies, the associative connection between color code and content usually remains hidden from us. The article shows and explains the effects of the color gray on human experience and behavior on the basis of a study of more than 500 test persons who tried out and documented the range of effects of 13 colors on their own bodies.

A detailed publication of this study is currently in preparation.

New release January 2014:

Book publication, 320 pages with 51 color illustrations and numerous b/w illustrations,
with an essay by Matthias Bleyl, Michael Fehr and Wita Noack
and texts by Nicola von Albrecht, Harald Bichlmeier, Axel Buether,
Hans Holländer, Ferenc Jádi, Marion Thielebein, Benedict Tonon and
Annika Weise
German/English, 16.5 x 23.5 cm, Hardcover
Published by the Mies van der Rohe House
Matthias Bleyl/Michael Fehr/Wita Noack
Publisher form + purpose
ISBN 978-3-935053-75-4
Price 39,90 Euro


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