Cover Interior Fashion 4/2022

InteriorFashion: Prof. Dr. Buether, what effect do colors have on us humans?

Prof. Dr. Axel Buether: The biological functions of colors are actually the behavioral control of humans. And this works via various mechanisms. On the one hand, we are unconsciously and involuntarily controlled by colors. Z. For example, colors stimulate the appetite, trigger anxiety, can control breathing or influence the temperature balance. The color information acts very quickly and has been developed by nature in such a way that there is a co-existence between nature itself and the corresponding individuals who perceive the colors.

The next two levels are feelings and associations. Feelings are actually conscious emotions. Colors play a major role in shaping and influencing emotions, whether in a home or in the corporate design of a company. This even extends to clothing. For example, people dress in a certain color to appear serious, communicative or creative. We are trying to manipulate feelings, so to speak. The moment it is actually a conscious manipulation of emotions, we speak of feeling. This is the distinction between emotion and feeling. The third level is association. These are thoughts that we have when we perceive a certain color. On all three levels, it is the effects of color that change people’s experiences and control their behavior.

InteriorFashion: Prof. Dr. Buether, what effect do colors have on us humans? IF: Are these feelings, emotions and associations the same for all people – regardless of their environment and culture?

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