Axel Buether likes to present himself in a colorful way. For our online interview, the Wuppertal professor of visual communication wore a yellow turtleneck sweater and a light gray jacket.

He recently published his new book “The Mysterious Power of Colors“. The next day, he surprised our photographer with a turquoise blue suit – countered by an orange sweater and knee sock combination.

WELT: Have you thought about what colors you would like to present yourself in during our interview?

Axel Buether: That was of course a conscious decision. I didn’t want to appear authoritarian, so I didn’t wear black or dark blue. I just wanted to show a bit of color, hence my sweater in a muted shade of yellow. I chose the light gray jacket as a serious counterpoint.

WELT: Very few people take such a goal-oriented approach when choosing the color of their clothes.

Buether: Only a few people are aware that when they reach into their closet, they are preparing themselves in terms of color for certain life situations. Everyone who enters into a relationship with other people wants to make an impact. You want to be noticed or camouflage yourself, appear smart or sexy, creative or authoritarian. To do this, select a corresponding color.

WELT: So this happens intuitively, without any theoretical knowledge of the meaning of the colors?

You can read the full interview with Christiane Hoffmans in the“WELT am Sonntag” (print) from 17.01.2021 or digitally on the WELT website

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