Photo Buether “Atmosphere in red” at the Dutch Design Week 2019

As a young stonemason and stone sculptor, I spent a lot of time restoring church buildings a few decades ago. Every morning I was able to witness the creation of an atmospheric world of light and color in the interior of huge cathedrals, which disappeared again at dusk. It was clear to me that I had to discover the secret of these atmospheric spaces of light and color.

Over the past decades, my path has led me from the creative disciplines of architecture, design and art to the research field of perceptual psychology. To this day, I dedicate my life to color, whether as a professor of visual communication, chairman of the German Color Center or author of numerous publications and radio broadcasts.

We perceive colors with all our senses. Colors not only give our environment its shapes, surfaces and spatiality, they also convey messages and instructions that exert enormous power over our lives. Using our most important color as an example, we take a look at why and how we see colors. Using the color red as an example, they learn about the power that colors exert on our lives, what they mean for our everyday lives, health and well-being, and our culture.

Date and time Lecture: November 23, 7 p.m. as part of the thematic focus “A dream in red”


MONREPOS, Archaeological Research Center and Museum for Human Behavioral Evolution Monrepos Castle56567 Neuwied

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