Color researcher Axel Buether as a guest on the red sofa at NDR-DAS with presenter Inka Schneider

The world is colorful! Colors are not only beautiful, they also control our behavior. Prof. Dr. Axel Buether is one of the most renowned color researchers in the German-speaking world and explains how we humans perceive colors and what role they play in our well-being and health.

Color researcher Axel Buether at NDR-DAS during the color card experiment with presenter Inka Schneider

In his new book “The Mysterious Power of Colors”, Axel Buether gets to the bottom of the secret of colors and explains why they fulfill vital functions for nature and humans. He shows how colors affect our psyche and how we can use this knowledge in our everyday lives. How can we use colors to strengthen ourselves and increase our well-being in times of the corona pandemic? Which colors suit us? And why is “white” on the decline? Axel Buether is an architect, perceptual psychologist and professor for the didactics of visual communication at the University of Wuppertal. His main research interests are color, light and space.

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