Design work on the color concept for the Pro Architecura 3.0 by Villeroy & Boch tile collection

Corporate and product philosophy

The color collection represents the values of the Villeroy & Boch brand

  • Continuation of the V&B success story, brand tradition
  • Workmanship, durability and quality
  • The most modern, attractive and reliable color system on the market
  • Consistent customer orientation
  • Typology and creative tool for sophisticated color selection
  • Large selection of classic and modern colors and formats
  • Large selection of modern gray tones and graduated white tones
  • All tiles can be combined harmoniously and accentuated
  • Wall and floor tiles in one system
Photo Axel Buether – Exhibition PRO ARCHITECTURA 3.0

Color shades and material groups

The PRO ARCHITECTURA 3.0 color system consists of 45 individual shades, which are available in various material groups and surface qualities.

All shades are selected to be extremely durable, environmentally friendly and of timeless beauty, just like the ceramic material. Tiles from Villeroy & Boch have been around for almost 200 years.

45 individual colors PRO ARCHITECTURA 3.0

Tiles for generations – sustainable, environmentally friendly, timeless

Tiles from Villeroy & Boch are not only used in many famous places such as Cologne Cathedral or the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, but also in countless Wilhelminian-style buildings. So everyone has encountered them before. Villeroy & Boch tiles can also be found in my home, which has been standing in the Brillerviertel district of Wuppertal-Elberfeldt for more than 130 years, where they are sure to last for many generations to come.

Sustainable floor tiles from Villeroy & Boch in my home

Colorsets as a modular system

12 color sets, each consisting of 9 individual shades, provide optimum orientation and offer a thematic preselection for every application.

The combination of the 45 individual shades into color sets such as “Guiding”, “Calming” or “Delightful” is based on criteria derived from the emotional moods and situational needs of the people for whom they are made.

Colorsets 1-3 PRO ARCHITECTURA 3.0
Colorsets 4-6 PRO ARCHITECTURA 3.0
Colorsets 7-9 PRO ARCHITECTURA 3.0
Colorsets 10-12 PRO ARCHITECTURA 3.0
Photo Axel Buether- PRO ARCHITECTURA 3.0 Colorsets

Typology – functional assignment of color modules

The color tones and possible color combinations of a color system must work exactly where they are most frequently used. This allows the costs for production, warehousing and distribution to be optimized. Quality and price are in the best possible relationship.

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Wellness
  3. Education
  4. Kindergarten
  5. Healthcare
  6. Hotel
  7. Gastronomy
  8. Shopping
  9. Transit
  10. Industry
  11. Function rooms
  12. Residential construction

Collaboration in the color design process: Heike Krauss and Matilde Frank

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The new PRO ARCHITECTURA 3.0 color concept convinced the international jury at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021 and was named “Winner” for its outstanding design quality.

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