Atmosphere that makes children depressed and ill and does not motivate them to learn (Image copyright Shutterstock)

Online Symposium BUILTWORLD Leading Innovation

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 12:00 – 13:00

The interior, whether at home or at work, influences our well-being and our health. Factors such as light, air quality, interior design, colors, plants, ergonomics, noise levels, personal elements, cleanliness, order and technology play a decisive role. Creating a pleasant interior can lift our mood and promote our health.

Atmosphere that takes away the fear of children and parents and creates trust, Kindertherapiezentrum Lübeck (color design & image rights Axel Buether)


Susanne Brandherm, Management at brandherm + krumrey interior architecture, Cologne, Germany

Johannes Braun, Head of Service Line Elective Services at WMC Healthcare GmbH

Prof. Dr. Axel Buether, color researcher, University of Wuppertal

Sabine Krumrey, Managing Director at brandherm + krumrey interior architecture

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