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The structures of the oldest German bastion fortress form an authentic and important part of the history of European fortress construction, the history of Saxony and the history of the city of Dresden.
Built in the Renaissance period 1545-1555 under Elector Moritz and subsequently rebuilt again and again and in parts already demolished, the fortress surrounded the historic core of “Old Dresden” until 1945. In its day, the fortress was one of the most technically sophisticated and modern projects in Europe, but today the small openings in the thick walls, the cannon courtyards, the bridges and gates give the impression of a bygone era.

The exhibit is the room

Space in its historical and contemporary significance must be the main actor and protagonist of every conceptual consideration. The creative experiment with the spatial perception of visitors of all ages and educational levels thus becomes the focus of the discussion.

Themed tour of the experience exhibition

The history of Dresden Fortress is told in an interesting, informative, entertaining and impressive way using historical events and testimonies from various perspectives.

All visitors should be addressed by the rooms of the bastion fortress, experience history in the context of their own present and take this experience from the museum visit with them and carry it out into the world.

Winner ADC Competition 2020

Festung Xperience received the award from the Art Directors Club in the category “Exhibition Experience themed exhibition”

Current information – Link to the website of the organizer festung-xperience

Link to the article MDR“Festung Xperience” in Dresden – A historical backdrop comes to life

Exhibition concept: Axel Buether – Communication in space

Design contribution to the concept: Heike Krauss

Curatorial contribution to the concept: Dr. Anne-Simone Rous

Realization: Tamschick

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