Everything could be completely different – spatial perception as design potential:

The “slitscan” technique goes back to experiments with spatial perception in Kubrick’s film “2001 A Space Odyssey”, in which a fascinating journey through space at the speed of light was simulated. New image media have greatly simplified the requirements for displaying rooms in “slitscan mode”, which is why we use this technique in
We will use this method in our course to reinterpret everyday situations and processes. The visible world is nothing more than a construction of our brain. Every change in the parameters of perception leads to a restructuring of reality.

Learning to see everyday things in a new light – Nothing is as it seems and must remain as it is:

Our living environment was and is shaped by other people according to their ideas, who have inscribed their views on all spaces and things. As soon as we question our usual view of the environment, the conventions on which our ideas of our own reality are based become visible. In which we see the structures
By learning the principles on which our conceptions of space are based, we also discover an inexhaustible scope for expressing our own ideas.

Support Slitscan: Sebastian Huber
Support Video: Steffen Rabenstein


Halle, Author: Lukas Adolphi and Lucas Treise


Tick Tack, author: Felix Krämer and Magdalena Groth


Train journey, Author: Nora Fiedler and Matthias Grosskopf

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