Color palette in the closet

Which color to wear that day is usually decided spontaneously. Depending on how you feel, you are more likely to go for a bright or muted shade. But seasons, current fashion trends or upcoming occasions also influence the decision. But what does the color of the clothing radiate and how does it affect others? STYLEBOOK found this out in an interview with color researcher Axel Buether and summarized it here.

You don’t have to be a color scientist to figure out that dark and earthy tones are popular in winter. The days are short and the temperatures are low. Black, gray or a dark brown reflect the season best. But why do we choose these shades when we could brighten up the winter with a cheerful selection of colors? …

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Anyone interested in this topic can find out more in my book “The mysterious power of colors. How they affect our behavior and experience“. DROEMER 2020

My Institute for Color Psychology is currently conducting the world’s largest study on the scientific evidence of“color and personality“. As soon as the study is complete, you will find out here what the colors of your clothes, everyday objects and home reveal about your character traits, preferences, strengths and weaknesses.