Evening event in the Berlin showroom

Lecture for the Danish textile company Kvadrat on October 20, 2020.

We also look at fabric samples from the company, because when we like to touch a colored surface with our eyes, this contributes significantly to the appreciation of the people, objects and rooms associated with it!

The effects of colors

The psychology of colors is not just something for experts, because it also accompanies us in everyday life. Just think of the morning look in the closet, which confronts us with expectations, self-assessments and prejudices. When we intuitively reach for colors, the choice is usually made very quickly because we have learned how other people react to them. This often limited personal color palette corresponds to the conventions of our living environment and has proven itself in most everyday situations. But beware, the colors of our clothes have something to do with us and the other person! You can use it to specifically influence how you are perceived by other people, which can have a significant impact on the behavior of those around you.

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