The function of color in culture

What do colors signal and what effect do they have, how do they influence us? The answers to this question are manifold, ranging from color advice in fashion stores to the choice of colors for the children’s room to the color theory of philosophers and anthroposophists. But what does the research say?

“Colors are not pretty accessories, we need them to survive,” says Professor Axel Buether, Head of the Institute for Color Psychology and Professor of Didactics of Visual Communication at the University of Wuppertal. He recently published the book “Die geheimnisvolle Macht der Farben” (DroemerKnaur 2020). His message: “Color knowledge is power and a key to a more conscious and self-determined life.”

Time: Mon 21.03.2022 | 19.00 hrs

Location: St. Antonius parish center, hall

Free admission, registration required: Link to the website of the Catholic Family Education Center Wuppertal