The high demands of modern societies for quality and individuality in the living environment are reflected in selected individual shades and exciting color palettes. Harmonious tone-on-tone compositions are based on variations of the primary colors red, yellow, green, blue and shades of grey. In combination with high-quality material surfaces and finishes, every shade looks valuable, desirable and precious.



Color becomes a multi-sensory experience. The feel of the color is gaining in importance. Colors thematize pleasant material surfaces such as sand, earth, stones and plants. Skin tones appear in all variations from pale pink to summer brown. Colors and surfaces give us spicy, aromatic smell and taste experiences. The palette ranges from chocolate, cocoa and leather to berries and fruit.



The trend is towards romantic and high-quality color styles of the past. The 50s are present through delicate cream tones and grayed pastel colors, such as apricot, vanilla, pink, mint and light blue. Strong accent colors such as red-orange, creamy white and petrol blue, as well as greyish yellow, blue, pink and brown tones amidst pleasant wooden surfaces are reminiscent of the 60s.

Pop colors such as orange, green and purple are reminiscent of the 70s. Flower Power features graphic patterns and wild color mixes such as signal red, orange, magenta and Persian blue.

The 80’s are back with bright neon colors, black and strong
Color contrasts. There are also graphic lines and patterns.

Design classics, refreshed with new color accents, join quotes from Art Deco. High-quality natural stone slabs made of white marble or in dark brown and green tones meet metallic colors such as brass, gold, silver and chrome. In addition, dark, highly textured wooden surfaces give the ambience a classic, high-quality feel.

Download Pdf file: Buether_Krauss_Farbtrends_2018 (Full report)

Axel Buether & Heike Krauss