Aims of the research project


1) Information:
First comprehensive presentation of interdisciplinary, current and scientifically tested educational offers in the field of knowledge and practice of “color”

2) Dialog forum
Networking of internal and external teachers (feedback on the adaptation and expansion of content and structures, discussion forum on didactic issues, presentation, awarding and dissemination of excellent teaching opportunities throughout the German-speaking world, cooperation with the existing network of all centers for practical teacher training in design disciplines).

3) Teaching materials
Free provision of up-to-date, practice-oriented, scientifically tested teaching materials in the form of exercises, worksheets, educational films, educational games and interactive demonstrations. Conception and evaluation of learning materials and learning strategies within the framework of interdisciplinary cooperation.

4) Needs assessment and further development
Evaluation of training needs based on demand and comments on the courses offered. Formulation of qualified further training offers in the context of seminars and training courses, e.g. as part of certified measures for vocational training and further training.

5) Combining subject-specific and educational sciences with subject-specific practice
Use and further development of the platform as part of teacher training at the BUW. Cooperation between disciplines, e.g. design, architecture, art, physics, chemistry, German studies, etc.

6) Networking
With the Master of Education FRO and MD at the BUW in the Department of Design, this is already the largest location in Germany for vocational teacher training in the field of color with contact to all other learning locations and centers of school-based teacher training. Since 2012, the BUW has been home to the “German Colour Centre – Central Institute for Colour in Science and Design” (for more than 50 years the largest German-speaking knowledge network in the field of color, organizer of the world’s largest interdisciplinary specialist conferences on color).

7. quality improvement in teacher training and teaching
The eDidactics platform Farbe creates a unique forum for students in the teaching profession, subject scientists, subject didactics experts, educational scientists and practicing teachers across school forms, learning locations and subjects. The teaching materials provided free of charge for downloading or for demonstration and use on the Internet serve to implement and support lessons, courses, seminars, experiments, demonstrations and practical trials.

Quality assurance
All teaching materials are tested and certified by scientifically and practically proven experts, whereby user feedback plays a decisive role in the rapid adaptation of teaching materials to the specific needs of teachers and learners.

Accessibility and easy navigation
The Color eDidactics platform offers basic and in-depth courses for various user groups, who can easily and quickly access suitable teaching materials for their target group thanks to the outstandingly functional and aesthetically designed navigation.

Learning media
In addition to teaching materials, educational films, educational games and interactive demonstrations can be used in lessons to teach complex subjects. Teachers can select the teaching material according to the requirements profile of the learners, as recommendations on the topic of prior knowledge and consolidation are given for each exercise, which enables systematic planning of selected individual topics or interrelated topic complexes. In the future, the learning modules and learning films made available online and free of charge will be supplemented with traditional face-to-face events in order to provide space for practical learning.

Link to the platform

Contact research group
Prof. Dr. Axel Buether
University of Wuppertal // FB F Design and Art // Didactics of Visual Communication
Gaußstraße 20 // 42119 Wuppertal

German Color Center Central Institute for Color in Science and Design
House of Color Zurich College for Design in Crafts and Architecture
RAL Colors RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification
HTWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen
Zurich University of the Arts Color-Light Center Zurich
Center for Media Competence at the University of Tübingen
Color collection Dresden

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